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Gource in Bloom

My earlier experiment with Bloom (I am tempted to call it Gourceian Blur) has lead to a new effect/feature in Gource. (Youtube: The bloom effect is achieved by blending radial gradients with each other additively. You can do a high quality version by drawing a perfect radial gradient with a Shader, but in Gource […]

Don’t Negate the Premise

Gource is a visualization for software projects: or is it? My previous visualization, Logstalgia, was for website access logs. It turns out the information in a website access log and a VCS history are actually some what similar: they both track users, sort of (an ip address may or may not identify one user, but […]

Gource: Software Version Control Visualization

Gource (the name is a play on Source and Gorse) is a new visualization for software projects (and perhaps over things? I’ll try to stay focused here) which I released a couple months ago after spending the best part of this year working on it in my spare time and in between projects at work. […]

Birth of a Disco Universe

This started out as an experiment with Metaballs and ended up looking like disco colored supernova explosions and interstellar gas. I like how interesting patterns in the clouds emerge out of random behavior. To me, that’s the ideal outcome of a procedural animation. I think I might use this to generate background pictures.

Welcome to The Alpha Blenders

Hello and welcome to my blog about procedurally generated computer graphics. The title, The Alpha Blenders, refers to a key technique in computer graphics known as Alpha Blending. I expect this to be a very visual blog. I will be publishing a lot of images and videos here as I write about my own projects […]