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Volumetric Materials

Below are some examples of complex volumetric materials. Multiple materials can be interpolated based on a distance to another object, which may be another object visible in the scene, or one purely used by the material. In addition to the diffuse colour, blended materials may have different values for other properties like roughness, shininess and […]

Light and Shadow

Some recent images generated with my in development Signed Distance Function editor: The renderer supports such features as: Compositing of multiple SDF-based objects in the same scene, including casting shadows between objects Deferred rendering with physically based lighting Multiple materials per SDF Dynamic bounding volume computation for minimal over draw Optional per light occlusion based […]

Remixing Distance Fields

Last year I got fairly obsessed with distance field raycasting and fractals. Recently a few developments in that field have rekindled my interest in the whole phenomenon. Most of the people playing around with the Mandelbulb and it’s variants back in early 2010 were either mathematicians or graphics programmers, and while there were some technically […]

New Zealand Open Source Awards

I discovered today that Gource is a finalist in the Contributor category for the NZOSA awards. Exciting stuff! A full list of nominations is here. I’m currently taking a working holiday to make some progress on a short film presentation of Gource for the Onward!. Update: here’s the video presented at Onward!: Craig Anslow presented […]