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Looping Fractal Zooms

This concept came from seeing a perfectly looping animated GIF of a zoom into 2D fractal. While the animation really looped every few seconds, the self similarity of the fractal and the lack of an noticeable cuts produced the illusion that the zoom was going on forever. This made me think about how I could […]

More Alien Vistas

Today I played around with a technique for combining different distance functions. It proved quite an effective way of producing interesting planet-like objects, among other things. Here are a few variations I encountered through experimentation: The middle panel looks like it would make a nice piece of album cover art.

Inventing On Principle Applied to Shader Editing

Recently I have been playing around with GLSL Sanbox (github), a what-you-see-is-what-you-get shader editor that runs in any WebGL capable browser (such as Firefox, Chrome and Safari). It gives you a transparent editor pane in the foreground and the resulting compiled fragment shader rendered behind it. Code is recompiled dynamically as the code changes. The […]

Life is Strange

Here is my tribute to a fascinating new fractal I talked about in an earlier post, the Mandelbulb. (Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3x4uJJqs_w) The music in the video is ‘Life is strange (trance remix)’ by darkangell. I recorded the scenes using my work in progress Mandelbulb Viewer/Fly through builder application (which is on my github, if you’re curious). […]

Strange Alien Vistas

I’ve been messing around with a new fractal discovered only a few months ago dubbed The Mandelbulb. It has similar interesting visual properties to its forebear, the Mandelbrot fractal, but in three dimensions, which hadn’t been achieved until now. Here are a few non-typical renderings of the Mandelbulb taken very close to the surface that […]

Don’t Negate the Premise

Gource is a visualization for software projects: or is it? My previous visualization, Logstalgia, was for website access logs. It turns out the information in a website access log and a VCS history are actually some what similar: they both track users, sort of (an ip address may or may not identify one user, but […]

Birth of a Disco Universe

This started out as an experiment with Metaballs and ended up looking like disco colored supernova explosions and interstellar gas. I like how interesting patterns in the clouds emerge out of random behavior. To me, that’s the ideal outcome of a procedural animation. I think I might use this to generate background pictures.